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List of Errata and Comments for ``Electric Circuits'' by Norman Balabanian

Version 11

Sabih H. Gerez
University of Twente, Department of Electrical Engineering

Fri Sep 29 13:19:07 METDST 2000
Document no: grz00-14

Important note: I know of two different editions of the book. Although the second edition never mentions that it is a ``revised'' reprint and just mentions the original publication date of 1994, some of the errors mentioned in this list have actually been corrected in the second. These corrected errors are marked by a . Errors that are only found in the second edition are marked by a . The ``first'' paperback edition that I have mentions ISBN 0-07-113840-4 and the ``second'' one ISBN 0-07-113847-1. Another difference is that the ``second'' edition uses red as a support color while the ``first'' is entirely in black and white.

This document mainly covers the errors detected in those parts of the book that are used in our first-year course: Chapters 1-6, 8, 9, 11-13 and 15.

The following persons have provided me with additional information to compile this list: my (former) colleagues Otto Herrmann, Leo Veelenturf, Frits de Bruijn, Paul Eijkelkamp, Hans Schurer, Marco Bosma, Marc Schrijver and Asker Bazen; Andy Ng (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and some anonymous students.

Version 9 of this document is the result of merging the list of errata provided by the author of the book, Prof. Balabanian, with the list composed by myself. The author's list was passed to me by Prof. Tsividis (Columbia University), who received it from the publisher McGraw-Hill. Version 10 is the first version that distinguishes the two versions of the book.

Sabih Gerez
Fri Sep 29 13:19:05 METDST 2000