Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation

Information for Instructors

This page contains information for educators that teach a course that is (partially) based on this book. The following information is available: In order to obtain any of the above, please send me an email message in which you identify yourself as an instructor (who are you? in which course do you use my book? at which university?) and specify which of the above you would like to receive. I will reply with instructions on how to obtain the material.

Note: All material is subject to copyright and can only be made available for noncommercial purposes. Any other use requires specific additional permissions.

Additionally, examples of programming assignments that I give to my own students are available. My students have to perform a programming project of about 60 hours as part of the examination for the course. These assignments consist of a 1-page description and one or more articles from literature. The idea is to read the literature and implement an algorithm described in it. Descriptions of the most popular projects throughout the last years are available on line.

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