Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation

Programming Projects

This page contains examples of programming projects that are used as part of the examination of the course CAD Tools for VLSI as taught at the University of Twente. The course has a study load of 100 hours. 40 of these are reserved for attending the lectures and studying the book. 60 are spent on a programming project. The results of this project combined with a short oral examination on the theory determine the mark for the course.

The goal of the programming project is to see whether a student is able to convert the theoretical description of one or more algorithms into a functioning implementation. The book provides the basic theory. Besides, each project requires the study of at least one scientific paper. It is a characteristic of a scientific paper that the essence of an algorithm is presented and details are left out. The student should prove his or her knowledge of the field by correctly filling in those details when making the implementation.

A student should hand over the following items after termination of the project:

Descriptions of the following projects are available:

Note: students of the University of Twente, can obtain a copy of the article(s) on which a project is based, from Sabih Gerez; students from elsewhere should get the article(s) from their local library or their instructor.

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