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This text with guidelines on report writing is meant for students working on projects in our group. It is sufficiently general, though, to be beneficial to other students as well. The motivation for preparing this document comes from the fact that a lot of a supervisor's time is spent otherwise to explain many of the items listed here. If the student takes them into account from the beginning, the contacts with the supervisor can be dedicated to matters more essential to the project.

The text is by no means meant to replace the good books and courses on written communication. Good courses are offered at the University of Twente and, actually, a basic course is compulsory for the newest generations of students in electrical engineering.

The text consecutively deals with the building blocks of a report, some language-independent hints and a few hints based on frequently made errors for those that write in English and Dutch respectively.

Sabih Gerez
Thu Sep 10 17:20:12 METDST 1998