Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation

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This page is supposed to contain additions and corrections to the book. For example, more end-of-chapter exercises, a list of errata, etc. For the time being, only errata are available.

Please feel free to send me any contribution that you consider fit for this page.


Below you will find a list of errata for the book. I would like to encourage you to contribute new entries for this list by sending me an appropriate message. The only reward I can offer you is to acknowledge your name on this page (if you are after a financial reward, you may try to find errors in the books of the reputable Donald Knuth).

Each erratum in the list is labeled with a number corresponding to its date of publication on this web page. In this way, you may quickly discover which errata have been added since your last visit. If you want to receive a notification each time that the list is updated (probably at most a few times per year), please send me an email message.

Update history

May 17, 1999
July 22, 1999
November 12, 1999
May 29, 2000
November 21, 2000
October 27, 2002
July 4, 2004

The book has been reprinted. The reprint can be recognized by the phrase Reprinted June 2000 on the copyright page. In the reprint, all errors with labels 1 to 4 and occuring before page 204 have been corrected (unfortunately, corrections after this page were overlooked due to some complications at the publisher).

Reprints dated August 2003 and May 2004 do not contain additional corrections. If the bottom line of the copyright page says Printed and bound by Anthony Rowe Ltd, Eastbourne, however, you are likely to have a copy in which all errata labeled 1 through 7 have been corrected.


Marc Heijligers, Johan Ditmar, Rajiv Bhateja, Bill Rong, Bapi Vinnakota, Bernd Stoehr, Christopher Bowman, Simon de Groot, Sujan Pandey, Casper Tu, and myself.

Errata List

page xii, third paragraph:
replace "due to due to" by "due to"
page xii, bottom paragraph:
change "Heiljilgers" to "Heijligers"
page 36, Figure 3.14:
add "and v member-of V" after "such that (u,v) member-of E"
page 42, second sentence of second paragraph:
dots should be used between the sums in parentheses to indicate a product in order to be consistent with the notation of Chapter 11
page 60, Figure 5.5:
the function called in the body of "b_and_b" is not "backtrack" but "b_and_b"
page 61, Figure 5.6:
path A-E-D-C-F end should end in "14+9" instead of "14+10"; path A-E-D-F should end in "11+14" instead of "11+9"
page 105, right below section header 7.2:
change "the previous section" into "Section 5.1"
page 109, first paragraph, one but last sentence:
interchange "left" and "right" in "A is assigned to the upper right and C is assigned to the upper left".
page 115, Figure 7.11:
replace "G <= 0" after while by "G > 0"
page 127, third paragraph:
the breakpoints of h1(w) and h2(w) have been interchanged; h1(w) has breakpoints at w=3 and w=5; h2(w) has breakpoints at w=2 and w=4
page 146, second item in enumeration:
replace the space between "current" and "side" by a dash
page 149, third paragraph:
change "Figure 6.12" into "Figure 9.9"
page 151, Figure 9.15(a):
the given Steiner tree is not minimal as opposed to what is claimed in the caption
page 151, first line of second paragraph:
add a comma after "In this section"
page 160, Figure 9.21:
change "Hannan" to "Hanan" in the first line of the for each statement
page 160, Figure 9.21, second call of "spanning_update":
replace "s" by "maxpoint"
page 160, Figure 9.22:
replace dash between "delta" and "distance(s,u)" by a minus sign.
page 162, first sentence of second paragraph:
replace update_spanning by spanning_update.
page 173, second paragraph, line 5:
replace "the the" by "the"
page 195, second paragraph, second sentence:
add "when" after "Even"
page 196, Figure 11.1:
the expressions below the cubes use a different notation than in the text; negation should be indicated by an overline instead of a prime and dots should be used between literals to indicate a product
page 196, one but last line:
the overline should be on top of the "x2" instead of the dot
page 199, first paragraph of Section 11.1.2:
change "x2" to "x5"
page 200, second equation:
the negation (overstrike) on top of "x1 and not(x2)" is missing
page 201, Equation 11.4, second equation in first column:
replace "a.b + a.c" at the right-hand side by "a.c + b.c"
page 202, footnote:
Claude Shannon passed away in 2001
page 203, second sentence of second paragraph:
change "point" into "pointing"
page 204, third item in enumeration:
change "If edges" into "If vertices"
page 210, second paragraph:
change "and to h" to "and h"
page 211, Figure 11.14:
replace dashed edge from v11 to v2 with a dashed edge from v11 to v4.
page 213, bottom paragraph, second sentence:
change "remove" to "removing"
page 214, bottom paragraph, first sentence:
change "argument" to "arguments"
page 216, second paragraph, first sentence:
change "variable is used" to "variable ordering is used"
page 220, bottom line:
change "of K that" into "of K such that"
page 221, one but last sentence:
change "S3" and "S6" to respectively "K3" and "K6"
page 222, Equation 11.18:
replace three times "+ +" by "+"
page 223, halfway the one but last paragraph:
change "implicant can grow" into "implicants can grow"
page 227, Figure 11.26:
remove primes in the arguments of last call to isop; so: "Fd'" becomes "Fd" and "Dd'" becomes "Dd"
page 227, caption of Figure 11.26:
change "a irredundant" to "an irredundant"
page 229, first sentence of fifth paragraph:
add a comma after "algorithm"
page 259, in Figure 12.26:
add a tilde on top of the sigma in the innermost for statement
page 279, third paragraph:
change "make sure that the output becomes '0'" into "make sure that the output becomes '1'"
page 309, entry [Ree95]:
change "C.R. (Ed.) Reeves" to "C.R. Reeves, editor"
page 311, first line:
wrong hyphenation of "Luchtmeijer"

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