Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation

Useful Links

This page contains a small selection of links pointing to WWW sites that offer more information on the topics covered by the book. The goal is not to have here a large collection of links, but rather to have annotated pointers to sites from which many more sites can be reached.

Design Automation and VLSI Design
  • SIGDA Home Page: This is the page of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM's) Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA). It contains pointers to upcoming and past conferences, many literature resources, as well as a multitude of other issues related to design automation. 
  • Microelectronic Systems News: This site contains announcements related to VLSI design and education, a collection of university courses throughout the world, etc.
  • Links to VLSI Information: This site is useful because of its large collection of links to almost any topic related to VLSI design.
  • EDACafe: This site contains all kind of information related to electronic design automation, especially news regarding commercial computer-aided design tools.
Algorithms, Graph Theory, Computational Complexity, and Combinatorial Optimization
  • A compendium of NP optimization problems: This is an extensive list of known NP-complete problems for which specific properties with respect to their optimization are known. Pointers to the literature in which these properties were published, are provided.
  • Global (and Local) Optimization: This page gives an overview of many general-purpose optimization methods and provides links to other resources on the topic.
Java Animations

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